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The origin of the new produce era arises from the idea of combining Mr. Cesar Cabello’s 40 years of
experience with his distinguished company, Cabefruit Produce LLC, with the fresh and innovative ideas of
the new Cabello generation from Origin Produce LLC. This combination creates a fusion that will mark a
new legacy. In an industry with constant growth and changes, adaptation exerts a significant influence on
each season

With the new proposal emphasizing freshness and quality standards, the Cabello family offers the
opportunity to market a broad variety of products, ranging from the most exclusive and exotic, such as
mangosteen and rambutan, to the “delight of the Gods,” also known as Mango Ataulfo! With the aim to
cover a significant portion of the year with every one of its commodities and multinational supply, this
new, innovative generation promises to bring the freshest produce from the farm to your table

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